How does bullying affect learning?

Bullying and harassment can lead to a lack of concentration, stress, and anxiety. This can make it hard for kids to learn and focus on school. Research has shown that kids who experience bullying may fear asking for help or participating in school due to a fear of standing out. They also may miss school […]

What is the “Man-Box”?

The “Man-Box” theory is the idea that there is only one right way to be a man. If a man does not fit into this ideal, then the idea is that they are not a “real man”. This “right way” involves a strict set of expectations, perceptions, appearance, and behaviours. Research has shown that men […]

How does the media unfairly portray men?

When you think of men in the media, what do you think of? Often men are portrayed negatively as deadbeat dads, womanizers, players, incompetent or misogynistic. Even when men are portrayed more “positively”, the standards are often impossible to achieve. For example, men are often portrayed as in-shape, handsome, rich, and ultra-successful. Men may feel […]

What about the boys?

All children must be advocated for and protected, but often the issues that boys face are left out of the conversation. ScienceDaily (2009) found that boys have lower literacy rates, lower grades, and lower engagement at school. When they reach high school, boys are more likely to drop-out, which can affect them in the long-run […]

Are you an adult survivor of child abuse? There is help.

Consequences of child abuse can follow a person for their entire life. While the duration and severity of effects can vary from person to person, some individuals experience mental health struggles, such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, some adult survivors of child abuse can experience a higher susceptibility to physical health problems, substance misuse […]

The Shame of Infidelity

Few relationship issues cause as much damage and heartache as an affair. The shame, anger, sadness, and despair that arises when you have been cheated on can be overwhelming. You can be left unsure of what to do next and what the future holds for your relationship, your children and yourself. If you need support […]